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First let us answer a question we hear all the time—“Are you Riegel, or Mt. Vernon Mills?” The answer is both. At one time, Riegel was a stand-alone company that was later acquired by Mt. Vernon Mills Inc.  Now the name lives on both as our brand and as the name of our division. The Riegel logo is on the hangtag of all of the tablecloths, sheets, terry, surgical towels, and infant bedding we produce for the textile rental, healthcare, retail and hospitality markets. In addition to our many customers in the linen supply market, Riegel products also serve as brand standards in hotel chains you all know – Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood, the Fairmont and Four Seasons brands, to name a few. Our name is synonymous with quality, and we are known throughout all the industries that we serve for making great products at a fair price that can thrive in commercial laundering and retail settings, thus giving customers a great return on investment.

Riegel is also the name we use for Mt. Vernon’s Consumer Products Division—one of six divisions that fall under the Mount Vernon umbrella. Our McCormick and Johnston, SC, production facilities include state of the art cut-and-sew equipment, as well as storage facilities for many of our finished products. This domestic cut-and-sew capability gives us the flexibility to react quickly to custom-size requests, as well as backing up our import program. In addition, we’re proud to have other distribution points strategically placed in the U.S. to provide the best coverage for our customers.


Like Riegel, Mt. Vernon was originally a separate company, but now it’s the name that encompasses our six divisions, including Riegel, as well as our Apparel Fabrics Division.  Most of you reading this are already familiar with our Apparel division, either directly or indirectly, as they produce millions of yards of fabric that ultimately makes its way into your plants, including flame resistant (FR) fabrics, bottom weight fabrics and denim. Our other four divisions—Chemicals, Transportation, La France and Brentex—are covered in detail at www.mvmills.com.


The first mill in our family began operating in 1838 in South Carolina. It was known as the Pendelton Manufacturing Co. It would later be known as it is today as the LaFrance plant. LaFrance produces home furnishings and products for the automotive industry in the same location (but a newer facility). La France would eventually fall under the Riegel Textile Corp. and later Mt. Vernon Mills Inc. leadership. It now stands as one of the six divisions in the Mount Vernon family.

Riegel / Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. Sample and Return Policies

Sample Policy - Including Literature, Swatch Cards, and Napery

Please allow a minimum of 1 week for all sample orders.

Napkins and tablecloths will be provided at no charge if the total amount of the sample request is less than $20.00 including freight charges. Sample requests of $20.00 and higher, including freight charges, will be billed at the time of shipment.

Overnight service shipping charges will be billed to the customer’s fedex or ups account number or invoiced by Riegel.

Orders of less than a minimum case will be submitted as sample orders and billed at an additional 20% surcharge.

Riegel collateral materials such as brochures, catalog sell sheets, swatch cards, etc. will be provided at no charge for a reasonable request. Please see the following page “available collateral materials price list” for available delivery times and prices.

Return Policy - Returns accepted only with prior factory authorization.

Returns will not be accepted after products have been used/washed or after 90 days of invoice date.

Any return requested due to quality will require a sample to be sent to Riegel’s quality department at: Riegel Quality Control, 51 Riegel Road, Johnston, SC 29832

Custom colors and custom sizes are non-returnable.

Round tablecloths and banquet cloths are non-returnable including whites and colors. A 20% re-stocking fee will apply to all customer accommodation returns.

Any goods returned at the expense of Riegel / Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. must be shipped via our routing instructions, otherwise goods will not be accepted - contact routing at extension 5968.

Available Collateral Materials Price List

Ordering Your Table Linens

linen inventory requirements are computed by considering one day’s use in service, one day’s use on the shelf, and one day’s use in the laundry as a minimum.

napkins should always be inventoried at 4 to 5 times the tablecloth requirements to compensate for 2 place and 6 and 8 place settings. your needs may vary according to actual experience. remember to allow at least 24 hours of shelf time for all items to improve the flat-dry appearance and to “rest” the fabric.

how to measure special siZes square or rectangular tables
1. measure the table - for this example we will use a 36” x 96”.
2. figure the amount of drop (or drape) you would like from the edge of the table. generally, the longer the drape, the more formal the service. the standard drop is 9”. a more formal drop is between 12” and 15”.
3. double this drop number (example, 10” x 2 = 20”) and add this to the table width measurement (example, 36” + 20” = 56”).
4.find the closest standard width fabric available. cotton and blends are available in standard widths of 45”, 54”, 64”, 72”, and 90”. polyester standard widths are 42”, 52”, 62”, 71”, and 90”. subtract the table width from the fabric width and divide by 2 to find the drop that width will give you.

example    54” -36”
18”/2 = 9” drop
64” -36”
28”/2 = 14” drop

5. determine which of these drops is appropriate for you and add double this drop to the length of the table.
9” drop    example    14” drop x2 x2
18” + 96” (table length) = 114” long    28” + 96” (table length) = 124” long

Round Tables Using Square Cloths

1. Measure the diamefer of a round table - for this example we will use 36”.

2. Subtract the table diameter from an appropriate square tablecloth diagonal.
(see chart for standard squares’ diagonals.)
90.5” (diagonal of a 64” x 64”) -36”    (diameter of table)
54.5” + total point (the corner of the cloth) drop off table

3. Divide this point drop by 2 to determine the drop of all four corners off the table.

54.5” /2 = 27.25” drop
Note: This point drop should not exceed 28” since a standard table height is 30”. the drop on the sides of the table is determined the same as “a” above. for example: 64” - 36” = 28” /2 = 14” drop.
formula diagonal of cloth - diameter of table /2 = length of drop points

Round Table

sizing things up

here is a list of standard cloth sizes and the table shapes they fit.

Sizing Things Up

Metric Conversion

Inches Centimeters


18 45.72
20 50.80
21 53.34
22 55.88
24 60.96
36 91.44
42 106.68
45 114.30
52 132.08
54 137.16
62 157.48
64 162.56
72 182.88
81 205.74
90 228.60
96 243.94
108 274.32
110 279.40
114 289.56
120 304.80
126 320.04
132 335.28
144 365.76

Riegel Laminated Placemats


Permalux® Fabric soil release combined with riegel’s proprietary stain release finish washes out the most stubborn food stains.

Washing and drying instructions

load washer according to equipment manufacturer’s specifications. after warm flush, wash on polyester/cotton cycle at 160° F (61° c). rinse at progressively lower temperatures. if stains remain after one wash, add one cup of liquid chlorine bleach to 20 gallons of water during laundering. add bleach to water before puting placemats in. This concentraton of bleach will not harm the colors. after extraction, move to dryer at once.

load dryer 1/3 to 1/2 of rated capacity. dry at least 30° F (17° c) hotter than wash temperature. maintain cooling cycle at 100° F (38° c). remove a the end of the cycle. Wash all placemats prior to putting into service.


Riegel Mattress Pads

Wash Formula

Mattress Pads

Riegel Absorbent and Huck Towels

Wash Formula

Wash Formula



Riegel Table Linen drying recommendations for on premise laundries without ironers:

Before drying:

  1. Make sure that temperature controls are working properly for heat and cool down.
  2. Make sure that lint is cleaned from the screens daily! This is a major fire hazard if it is not watched closely.
  3. Periodically inspect the inside of the dryer for rough, sharp edges. These are typically caused by silverware (or any hard object) making it through the washing process and ending up in the dryer. Damage occurs to the dryer basket as the objects make contact with the metal during the spinning of the dryer. The best way to inspect for these sharp edges is to place nylon material (i.e. stockings) on your hand and rub around the dryer basket. If you find a sharp edge that snags the fabric, use sandpaper to sand it down. (this should be done for your washers also.)


  1. Load dryers up to 50% of the rated capacity.
  2. Set dryer to run at 30° F higher than the water temperature during washing. as dryers differ by manufacturing type, times will vary. approximate time should be between 10-20 minutes.
  3. Allow dryer to run on cool down before removing the table linen. times will again vary by dryer type and size, but typically cool down is between 10-12 minutes.
  4. After cool down, remove the linen and fold immediately. this will prevent wrinkling.

After drying and folding:

riegel table linen recommended laundry procedures 100% cotton napery


Cotton Laundry Procedures

riegel table linen recommended laundry procedures 100% spun polyester napery


Polyester Laundry Procedures


1) alkalinity of break operation should be between 650*1500 PPm na2o.

2) refrain from using fwas in final operation. unremovable yellow stains may result.

3) amount of starch depends upon the degree oF body desired (8-12 oZ)

4) sour    load    to    Ph = 5.5 - 6.5. 5) if starching, do not extract below 25% water retention.

The above formula recommendations are designed as starting guidelines. The products and actual formulas may vary depending upon the machine size and type, soil levels, water conditions, product availability, etc. contact mount vernon mills at ricka@mvmills.com for specific data.

riegel table linen recommended laundry procedures Cotton/Polyester blended napery

load the washer according to manufacturer’s specifications. underloading or overloading can result in poor stain removal or in setting wrinkles.
Use the cycle recommended for your cotton/polyester napery. The first step should be a warm flush to avoid setting greasy stains. This should be followed by a hot wash (150-160°). Rinses should be progressively lower temperatures.

Laundry Procedures



load the dryer to only one-third (1/3) to one-half (1/2) of the rated capacity. this will allow the tumbling necessary to eliminate wrinkles coming from the washer. drying temperatures should be at least 30° hotter than washing temperatures. cool down cycle should be maintained at 100° F.
remove and fold tablecloths immediately after completion oF cooling cycle. To prevent alkaline hydrolysis of the polyester, do not exceed p.h. value oF 11.0. do not use softeners and bacteriostats that contain ammonium compounds.

Ordering Information

Customer Service:
mount vernon mills, inc.
riegel consumer Products division
51 riegel road Johnston, south carolina 29832
Phone: 800-845-2232
Fax: 864-688-7382 or 803-275-2219
hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm est monday - Friday

all orders are subject to change and withdrawal without notice and are subject to acceptance by mvm/riegel management.

napery orders are fob mccormick, south carolina 29835. hospitality bed and bath orders are fob johnston, south carolina, 29832. some standard products are also stocked in our los angeles, atlanta, boston, chicago, houston, and las vegas warehouses. call for availability.

standard case packs: napkins in 6 dozen and 25 dozen and tablecloths in 1 dozen.

standard sizes and stock colors are listed on the individual price pages for each product. always refer to the price pages versus color cards for stock colors.

delivery - our goal is to deliver stock colors in standard sizes within 3 days to 3 weeks from receipt oF order.

all standard size tablecloths are marked with color coded sew in labels and are sewn with hems on 4 sides.

all special orders are subject to a 10% over/under clause.

all tablecloth sizes that are not listed on the price pages are considered special sizes.

if a request is made for a size that has not been previously manufactured, there is a $25.00 set up charge and a 5 dozen minimum order quantity.

standard case pack for special sizes is 1 dozen.

Tablecloths 120” or over will be shipped r.o.m.

rounds, odd sizes, and banquet cloths are non-returnable.

banquet cloths in satin band, dirona, and baroque have borders on two sides.

rounds are available with center panels or center seams and will be shipped at the discretion oF mvm/riegel unless specified by the customer on the purchase order.

Common Case Weights

Case Weights